Map 272183


Map 272183, 2004

Guns, 8m x 8m

"Following the Gun Amnesty of 2003, I contacted the London Metropolitan Police Service to acquire a sizeable portion of the three thousand and eighty five weapons that were handed in.

The title of Map 272183 refers to the Ordnance Survey reference for the 33 boroughs of London, which is formed from the debris and pieces of the guns that were broken up by the police. Measuring eight meters by eight meters, the installation consists of the various pieces of weaponry, which are laid flat and arranged to perfectly replicate the mapped area of each London borough.

The guns contain a sense of fear and anxiety; yet give the holder a sense of superiority. However, once broken up into small pieces, the guns no longer serve any purpose. Instead, they offer a complex and powerful set of emotions to the viewer, invoking thoughts of broken down fear and risk."